App Setup

Open the app. When you start the app the first time, you will be prompted to enter a passcode that will be used to 'lock' the device when the app is active.

All settings are turned on by default.

If you want email alerts, then you simply leave that feature on and enter an email address. You may want to use one that does not send to your phone, or every time the snoop/thief does something, the phone will be alerting that a new email is received.

If you want to be able to remotely access your device to view the log and change your settings including your password and email, simply click the account button and create a username. The password for the site will be the same one you used for the app.

You can also turn on/off whether or not to take pictures, capture GPS and whether the app will open in to the Run screen or the menu screen when opened.

You also can customize the background image of the run screen to match your desktop background to make it more authentic. Click the button and then choose a picture from your camera roll and hit "Use".

How To Catch A Snoop

If you suspect a friend or loved one of snooping on your phone when you leave it laying around, the trap is simple.

Start the app and hit 'RUN'. The fake home screen will slide in and the security is now 'Live'! Leave the device laying around like you normally do and leave the room.

What Happens Next?

The snoop will come by and pick up your phone and when they open it they will see what appears to be a locked home screen. However, they are secretly in the app.

If they press any locked icon from the fake screen, they will get a security warning that the device is protected.

Their click on a lock also snaps their picture and captures the GPS location of the device if those settings are turned on.

If they click on Private Eyes, a fake app screen will come up listing what appears to be access to your Texts, Photos, Email, Notes, Camera and option to Disable Security. A warning is also there telling them NOT to hit the home button to exit the app or they will trigger the alarm. This is to keep them from actually exiting the app.

If they click on Disable Security and attempt to enter a password, that entry is captured as well.

If they click "I forgot my password", a fake security question will come up. No matter what they answer, it will be wrong. The question and answer will also be captured.

If "Email log file to me" is turned on you will receive real-time email alerts time stamped and containing the data. The picture will even be in the email.

If you created a web account, the data including pictures will also be transmitted to the website.


Remote Access

Here are the app settings that can be changed remotely:


Email Address & Alert Setting

Camera Setting

GPS Setting

Run Setting

All of these can be changed via the website and will automatically updated on your phone remotely!

How cool is that?

Simply log in to the site, go to Remote Access, and view and change the settings on your phone. Your phone will update with the new settings within 10 seconds!

If you are holding your phone and on the setup page, you will see the sliders actually slide and change!


The app will automatically detect if there is a camera and if possible, a front facing camera and use that. If your device does not have a camera, you will not be able to capture pictures.

Also, you must allow the app to use your location and accept push notifications for those features to work.

Bottom Line

Due to limitations beyond our control we can not make an app that tracks actual device interactions. Apple simply doesn't allow it. However, tricking them in to thinking they are on the home screen and not in an app and making the fake app screens enticing, curiosity will get the best of them.

And again, you can send push notifications to trigger them to open the app as well. They only need to open it for about 10 seconds to get caught.





The Log File

The log file in the device shows you a list of all the activity.

You can click on a thumbnail to see a full screen picture of the evil doer.

You can also click on a location log to open a Google map with a pin right on their house or wherever they are hiding with your device. Click the pin to see the coordinates and the timestamp.

You can swipe a log entry to delete it or hit 'Clear All' to delete the entire list.

Turning Off The App

To stop the app from running, click the Disable Security app icon on the fake app screen and enter the real passcode and the main menu will appear. This is the only button that will accept the real passcode.

You can also change the passcode via the Remote Access link on this site if you think they might guess the real passcode.

Fake Apps

A few of the Apple apps have been reproduced and faked inside the app to make the snoop think they are actually accessing your real data.

We also spiced up the previews that they see when opening one to entice them into trying really hard to guess your passcode and staying in front of that camera a little longer!

Lost/Stolen Phone

If your phone is lost or stolen and you hadn't previously left in in the app mode, do not panic!

There are a couple of ways to get the perpetrator to open the app and give themselves away.

1) The Private Eyes app icon on the desktop was designed to jump out and attract attention. Plus it says Private Eyes under it and will surely get pushed at least once. Once they do, the action begins!

2) If they haven't let their curiosity get to them and started the app, you can log in to your account via the website and send a push notification to the phone that says something like "I uploaded my sexy pics to the Private Eyes App. Lisa", or "This device has been reported stolen, please open Private Eyes and disable if this is an error."

This will surely get them to open the app. And if they hit VIEW on the push notification, that will open the app directly anyway.


And had you forgotten to tell the app to "Hide Start Screen On Launch", you can change that setting via Remote Access on this site.