About Private Eyes

MicrophoneEver wonder if a co-worker or your spouse is snooping on your phone when you aren't around?

Ever wonder what you would do if you lost your phone or it was stolen?

Private Eyes Mobile Security lets you easily catch them in the act and captures their picture, GPS location, passwords typed in to try to unlock your phone and attempts at cracking the security.

This data is stored in the phone for you to review. It can also be stored on this server for you to view remotely and it can also be emailed to you in real time.

How Does It Work?

MicrophoneIf you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad or know anything about them, you know that Apple does not allow developers to have access to your phone to track what people are doing. That is why there are no other iPhone security apps on the app store.

We have found a way to work around this and get the same results and data without Apple's restrictions.

Its a simple process similar to how the police track kidnappers, bomb scares or threatening calls. The key is to keep them on the device as long as possible to gather as much info as you can.

That is what makes this app great!

What Else?

MicrophoneYou can also send Push Notifications to your device with multiple preset alerts or your own custom ones to get the perp to keep using the device and allow you more time for tracking.

It's so sneaky it's almost evil!

The Log

MicrophoneThe log file in the device shows you a list of all the actiivity.

You can click on a thumbnail to see a full screen picture of the evil doer.

You can also click on a location log to open a Google map with a pin right on their house or wherever they are hiding with your device.

How Do I Set It Up?

MicrophoneThe setup takes 3 minutes max. When you start the app the first time, you will be prompted to enter a passcode that will be used to 'lock' the device when the app is active.

If you want email alerts, then you simply turn that feature on and enter an email address.

If you want to be able to remotely access your device to view the log and change your settings including your password and email, simply click the account button and create a username. The password for the site will be the same one you used for the app.

What Can I Do Remotely?

MicrophoneThis is the part we really love!

Here are the app settings:

Email Address & Alert Setting
Camera Setting
GPS Setting
Run Setting

All of these can be changed via the website and will automatically update on your phone remotely!

How cool is that?

Simply log in to the site, go to Remote Access, and view and change the settings on your phone. Your phone will update with the new settings within 10 seconds! If you are holding your phone and on the setup page, you will see the sliders actually slide and change!